Street Survival Tactics: Subconscious performance

This class is designed to equip you with knowledge of what an impending attack looks like and to have pre-set plans in place so that you can react quickly and effectively.  The course will include limited decision making to include shoot/no shoot, ranges realistic to the majority of self-defense shootings, order of engagement with multiple attackers, moving for your best advantage, and post-conflict procedures for both shoot and no shoot decisions.

This is not a beginner course to learn how to handle a firearm.  You *must* demonstrate safe gun handling.  Safety violations will result in ejection from the class with no refund or running the scenarios with a blue gun at the instructors’ sole discretion.

Equipment needed:
A handgun and at least 3 magazines/speed loaders
A quality holster (Cross Draw and Shoulder Holsters not allowed) and magazine carrier
Ear/eye protection knee pads also recommended
A cover garment for concealment, preferably of the type you routinely use.
200 rounds of new, manufactured ammunition
Proper range attire for any weather
Bring plenty of fluids to drink and a camping style chair

Tuition: $175.  This includes your range fee.  Successful completion of this class by demonstrating safe gun handling skills will earn you a $25 voucher for future classes with Defensive Shooting Concepts.

Thank you for your consideration and contact me if you have any further questions or would like to discuss options for training

Jonathan Tindal
Defensive Shooting Concepts
“Praise the Lord, who is my Rock. He trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle.” Psalms 144:1