Handgun Skills and Advanced Tactics is a pistol course designed specifically for those who are looking to improve their foundation and skills. This class will assist with taking you to the next level when using your handgun. During the class, students will receive lecture covering various topics pertaining to handgun skills and tactics. Students are given advanced skills and a mindset to carry and use a handgun for defensive purposes. Students will learn to use their firearm safely, quickly, and instinctively by having the opportunity to perform dry firing drills under the guidance of a Certified Instructor; thus giving them the chance to practice the skills learned prior to attempting them under live fire conditions. The live fire drills will then be used to reinforce all the topics covered during the training. Again, Handgun Skills and Advanced Tactics was designed to take you to the next level and help you to understand the importance of the skill set needed to properly handle and use a firearm for defensive purposes. If you currently use or have considered using your firearm for protection purposes, Handgun Skills and Advanced Tactics is for you!

Topics Covered:

Students will begin this course with a review of the Four Firearm Safety Rules and Seven Fundamentals of Shooting a Handgun. Then we will quickly move into the skills and tactics needed to properly deploy and use a handgun for defensive purposes. This will include the proper technique for drawing from a holster and getting on target instinctively. We will cover combat and tactical reloading. Students will be trained in the immediate action drill, as well as how to recognize and fix a type 1, 2, or 3 malfunction. As we move forward, we will train on different shooting positions while also working on strong hand and support hand only shooting, partnered with shooting from behind cover and at moving targets. Shot placement and failure drills will also be discussed.

Student Requirements:

  • At least one serviceable handgun
  • At least 3 magazines or speed loaders
  • A good quality strong side holster designed for the handgun being used (No cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed, Nylon holsters are also not ¬†¬†recommended) also a spare magazine pouch
  • Eye and Ear protection and proper range attire
  • 200 rounds of new manufactured ammunition for range use
  • Also recommended¬† Knee Pads (Drills will be conducted on gravel)
  • A snack and something to drink

Tuition: $175.  This includes your range fee.  Successful completion of this class by demonstrating safe gun handling skills will earn you a $25 voucher for future classes with Defensive Shooting Concepts.

Thank you for your consideration and contact me if you have any further questions or would like to discuss options for training

Jonathan Tindal
Defensive Shooting Concepts
“Praise the Lord, who is my Rock. He trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle.” Psalms 144:1