We have a new weeknight training opportunity! Join us for Tuesday Night Tactics!

Come join us during Tuesday Night Tactics where we focus on specific drills and tactics maximizing increased proficiencies while reducing frivolous round count. Each course is specifically designed and tested by our instructors to achieve accelerated optimum results with the lowest round count possible. We will strive to never shoot more than 75 rounds many times shooting even less.

Students will need to supply Eye and Ear protection and bring at least one quality Firearm and equipment needed for the course posted. (Handgun, Revolver, Rifle or Shotgun) The course and platforms will vary from week to week so watch the calendar for the topics and platform being cover.

Each week will start at 5:00 pm and will end by 7:00 pm, registration fees are $55 dollars. This covers the cost of the class and the range fees. Students are requested to register through the website so we can properly plan for varying class sizes. Please note, all existing discount codes are not eligible for this 2 hour class; they are intended to be used for full day courses. Thank you for your understanding.

Examples of TNT’s planned: Drawing from Concealment, Reloads, Malfunction or stoppage drills. Finding a balance between speed and accuracy. Also RDS drills, Home defense shotgun, Proper use and understanding of Cover and Concealment, Revolver only, Rifle skills……….. and many more.